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Alan Hayward

Alan Hayward in his studio

The Butts
Cumbria, CA9 3JU
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1434 382148

Uluru"Uluru", by Alan Hayward

Repeated patterns, colours and textures observed in nature provide the inspiration for Alan Hayward's stunning photographs.

His current work follows two themes; "A Natural Order" reflects the synthesis in thinking between science and mathematics which suggests a fundamental orderliness underlying the apparent chaos of natural phenomena. "Elements" evokes the atmosphere of place. For Alan, the pleasure of photography is the ability to record an experience vividly and accurately, the process of selection being key to successfully capturing the spirit of a place. This, combined with Alan's painterly approach, results in images that seem to reveal the essence of his subjects - visual haiku.

Alan Hayward has exhibited over the last 30 years in the UK, Australia and India; recently as the opening exhibitor for the refurbished Gossipgate Gallery in Alston and also as part of The Art Tour, organised by uk/ . He lives in Alston where he prints his own images, sometimes very large, on watercolour paper and canvas.

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