Alston Artsts

on the edge of art trails

Alston Artists
participate in open studios events.

These are opportunities
for people to meet and talk
with artists in their own studios.

5 & 6 , 12 & 13 , 19 & 20, 26 & 27 June 2010

the art tour; a network open studios event

The annual Northumberland Art Tour expands beyond its county boundaries to include a cluster of artists from the North Pennines.

30   Norma Hickey painter
       Paul Hickey painter
31   John Fowler painter
32   Ellie Langley feltmaker
33   Glynnis Carter painter
34   Alan Hayward photographer
35   Jules Cadie painter
36   Lionel Playford painter

More about the Art Tour here...

Use this map to find your way around us:
map of North Pennines Cluster

For details of the Northumberland Art Tour and participants, visit




Art in Eden


open studios event across the Eden District of Cumbria

the art tour 2009

open studios organised by Network Artists, Northumberland.


arts on high on Alston Moor

Open studios and other events around Alston Moor in 2008

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