Glynnis Carter

Glynnis at workm in her studio


3, Station Road
NE47 9PZ

T: 07854 456043



Glynnis Carter draws inspiration for her paintings from the wild landscapes of the North Pennines. Her work is a response to the surrounding hills and moorland, the constatntly changing light and weather.
Although her paintings are not made from studies of specific locations, a visit to her studio reveals just how much she is influenced by the huge landscapes that surround it.
She exemplifies the words of Malcolm Andrews in Landscape and Western Art (OUP 1999 p19)

"Authenticity in landscape art is a transcription not of 'nature' but of subjective responses which often involve a process of sustained direct contact with the chosen site......"

As well as observing the splendour of the landscape Glynnis often uses the physicality of the landscape itself to initiate a painting by leaving canvas outside for several weeks. During this time it will accumulate marks made by soil, rain and decay. From this starting point she then works instinctively, building up layers of colour and texture, allowing what happens on the canvas to determine the evolution of the painting.

Moorland Landscape 2

Moorland Landscape2   92x92cm
Mixed media on canvas

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