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Jules Cadie

Jules in his studio


High Ashgill

T: 01434 381941
E: jules @


Relict Landscape 2"Relict Landscape 2", by Jules Cadie, oil on canvas; 40cm x 30cm

Jules Cadie's artwork is based on situations and places around his North Pennines studio, with occasional references to Argyll & the Northumbrian coast..

He was Head of Art at a school in North Northumberland for 13 years. Over this period he became increasingly interested in the relationship between the natural environment, personal creativity and community development. After a further 12 years' experience in arts and community development with local authorities, Jules became freelance in 1997, combining cultural development with his own practice as an artist.

Jules considers himself a painter by trade, but often wanders off into the territory of other media and creative disciplines including sculpture, digital images and outdoor performance pieces.

His work is concerned with celebrating the margins and interface where nature and culture collide ; those gaps between inside and outside; between conventional wisdom and the outrageous. He searches out the fragments that remain of the patterns and rhythms between humanity and the earth. Perhaps it's not surprising, then, that he chooses to live and work amongst the relict landscapes of the North Pennines . Although he paints mostly in oils, he use any media that he finds around, from natural grounds and pigments to acrylics, from digital imagery to living plants and reclaimed materials. He has recently completed an MA in Fine Art at Northumbria University .

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